What makes a great mortgage adviser?

Now if that's not a contentious title, then I don't know what is, but being finalists in this year's 'Money Marketing Awards 2019' for the category of Best Mortgage Adviser, it got me to thinking as to what makes a great mortgage adviser? We sometimes have clients phoning to see who has the best deals, and if you're a true whole of market adviser like ourselves, the chances are that most advisers have a lot of the same lenders and also a lot of the same products.  There are some differences with this in that we get some exclusives that others don't, and I am confident that the panel we have is much more extensive than some that call themselves 'Whole of Market', so if the product range is similar, then where's the differences? I think this can be differentiated in a number of ways:
  1. Are the advisers visible? Can you find them on Google, for example and do the get favourable customer reviews?  If not, why not? After all, reviews are the lifeblood of customer confidence in this day and age
  2. Does the adviser know what they're talking about? Do they truly understand how self-employed people are paid and how to present income to lenders, particularly when talking about company directors and whether you're using dividends, pre-tax or post-tax earnings.
  3. Does the adviser understand the first time buyer schemes available and know which lenders are happy with different income streams?
  4. Does the adviser understand the market and have a view or opinion on how the market is likely to change in the next few years? OK, this isn't about placing your mortgage right now, but we find that it instills confidence in our clients by demonstrating an understanding of where technology developments are likely to impact both positively and negatively in the market
  5. Engaging with the community - We think that it's important to engage with your community.  For us, it's about sponsoring local school events as well as being involved with the Chartered Insurance Institute with their education program into schools
The list could go on quite some way, but in 2019, our belief is that a firm of advisers are more than just the people to sort your mortgage. It's much more about being well rounded, astute, developing and evolving in how we do business and developing professional standards that endorse and support good adviser practice, and also developing client relationships for the long term and not just the here and now! If we don't do all of the above, like the dinosaurs, we would undoubtedly become extinct!