Excited about moving on?

So are we! Our job is to help you get the best mortgage or remortgage deal so that you can concentrate on the really exciting stuff.

We’re on your side, whatever your circumstances and whatever you need. Leave the form filling, the calculations and the phone calls to us. We work alongside all UK mortgage lenders so we know where the great deals are and, most importantly, what’s going to be the best route for you.

Our positive, friendly advice saves you money, gives you time and takes away the hassle. We’re fully qualified, very experienced and at the end of the phone whenever you need us.

Our typical fee is £295, but this depends on your circumstances.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

First time buyers: Sue

Sue was a first time buyer and new to the property market, so it was important that she understood what she was doing and felt at ease and comfortable all the way through the process. We had an initial meeting with Sue and her parents, which we are always happy to do. Following that meeting, we got Sue an agreement in principle, which gave her the confidence to start looking for a property, confident that when any questions came up along the way, we’d be on hand to help.

Sue found a property, had an offer accepted and so the mortgage went forward. We took care of all the paperwork, kept her informed of progress, and liaised with solicitors and estate agents to make that process as easy as possible to completion. In the last year, we have received more than four referrals from Sue, who was delighted with our help.

Moving on up: Fred, Rita and family

When a family is on the move, it is important to understand that it’s not just the mortgage that’s important, but also the finer details like school holidays and making sure that the mortgage can be achieved in the timescales that the family require.

The Thompsons were not just moving home, but also moving to a completely different area, so the right timescale was essential. We worked with them from the very start to identify their mortgage potential and how much they wanted to spend each month on the mortgage; then we identified the lender we would approach, completed the application for them and submitted it to the lender.

The application was accepted and the mortgage offer was issued. As can sometimes happen, the property fell through, and they had to start again. At the same time, the new mortgage rules had come into force, and the same mortgage with the same lender was no longer deemed affordable under the new rules.

We were not happy with this, so we involved our account manager at the lender, presented a business case to support the application and finally got the mortgage offer agreed. We could have gone to another lender, but this would have cost them more, something we are loath to do unless absolutely necessary. The mortgage offer came out, and they moved home during the summer holidays with lots of time to get ready for the new school term.

Million-plus mortgages: John and Jason

You would think that the bigger the mortgage and the greater the equity, the easier it would be to get a mortgage, but in this case it was more difficult as there are lenders in the marketplace that don’t like large sum lending.

We had a remortgage to place. The clients were on the lender’s standard variable rate as they weren’t sure they could remortgage elsewhere. From the initial meeting, we set out our proposal for identifying the possible lenders, the likely interest rates and payments, and also took the time to understand the client’s strategy for paying off the mortgage. This is crucial in any mortgage to identify the plan and help put these steps into place.

We worked with the lender to compile the list of documentation requirements, and handheld the process from start to finish, chasing the solicitors on the case and making sure that published service levels were adhered to. We got the remortgage agreed and in place for the client, managing to obtain a rate that was half what they had been paying, and reducing their mortgage payment by more than 25%. When dealing with large value cases, the case management and service is crucial. We understand this and have secured great mortgage and remortgage deals for many million-plus clients.

Remortgage for a better deal: Gordon and Ellie

Gordon and Ellie were due to remortgage and wanted to save money on their monthly payments. With the drop in interest rates since they had last remortgaged, we helped them identify how they could save themselves some money.

Rather than just keep their mortgage term the same, we showed them how reducing the term of their mortgage could make them mortgage-free much sooner, whilst taking advantage of the lower interest rates. We recommended that they reduced their mortgage from 33 years and 5 months down to a 24 year mortgage term. In just one year, they have reduced their mortgage term by 9 years and 5 months. They are saving on the interest rate and reaping the benefits of the overall saving of paying the mortgage over a much shorter period.

Long term support: Advising every step of the way

Being able to read the market and be a true adviser takes skill and an ability to communicate with clients. We met one of our clients back in 2007 at a shared ownership exhibition and from that moment, we started working with them to identify where they wanted to be in three to five years. We helped them purchase their first property, and within 18 months, they had outgrown the property and wanted to move.

We spent a large amount of time working through the ‘what-if’ scenarios with them: how the mortgage would play out, what the payments would be and what their equity stake would be at the end of that particular mortgage deal. We also looked at what would happen if house prices reduced, stayed the same or even increased and looked at the impact of that on the loan to value.

We first helped these clients in 2008, helped them again in 2010 when they moved into their first home from the flat, once more in 2012 when they took the next step up, and in 2014 we have worked with them again to move onto their next home – all the way along being there to help, support and provide the guidance that a good adviser should do.

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