Questions and Answers

Why do I need protection? I’m young, fit and healthy!

The sad thing is that none of us know what is around the corner.  If you have no dependants, then you may want to protect your income as your employer is unlikely to pay your wages until you retire if you are off work long term sick.  If you do have loved ones or family, then what situation are they in if you were off work long term, critically ill or die?  If there is not enough income coming into the household, then there is a need for protection.

Insurance companies get a bad press when it comes to paying out, is this true?

There are only 2 reasons why an insurance company will not pay out, either the claim does not meet the required definition or there is a non-disclosure on the application form.  We do our utmost to ensure clients disclose all material facts that can impact their policies to ensure the greatest possible of payout should the worst happen.

What is Critical Illness Cover?

Critical Illness Cover is a policy that pays out either a lump sum, or can be a monthly benefit in the event of being diagnosed with a specified critical illness.  It is crucial to understand what your plan covers, what is pays out for and what it doesn’t as all insurers differ greatly with what they offer.