Questions and Answers

Why do I need insurance if I don’t have Key People in my company?

Surprisingly, most company owners don’t regard themselves as key, but what happens if something happened to them? What happens to client contracts, what happens to staff on the payroll? What happens to the company in terms of strategy and direction, so we usually find there is a need in most companies and we work with clients to work out what the need is and how much the cover needs to be.

There are 3 directors, all different ages, so some directors are more likely to benefit than others with Director Share Protection.

This is true as the older you are, the more likely the younger directors are likely to benefit, so when calculating the premiums, it is important to do the premium equalisation to ensure that all directors are charged according to the likelihood of the claims.

Someone told me I can put my life insurance through my company, is this true?

Yes, if you are an employee of the company and the employer/employee relationship exists, then this is possible.  There are many benefits in doing so, but we would need to look at the cover you have at the moment and work out whether it’s viable to do this or not.