Adapting Client Meetings To Work For You!

It is clear that we are in unprecedented times, and it is also clear that in these times, the need for quality advice has never been greater.

With social distancing in place and the need to work remotely, for a business like ours which has most of our business in a face to face environment, things have had to change, and quickly!

So, here we are, unable to meet clients face to face, but demand for our services continue to grow.

For some time, we have used social media to engage with our clients, with the introduction of WhatsApp for Business some time ago.

Some of the different ways we can communicate with you include

We have a number of different applications we can now use to engage with you as and to still give the quality advice that you've come to expect from us!

Why is this important?

  • These are your biggest financial discussions, so having a 'face to face'discussion is crucial
  • This industry is build on the principles of 'know-like-trust', and again, having that visual connection helps to build that rapport quickly and therefore gaining trust on both sides
  • It is easier to ask questions! If something isn't clear, then as your adviser, we can see from your facial expression and therefore make sure that we explain it in a way that is understood!
  • In the current lockdown situation, it can get solitary or lonely, therefore having face to face meetings definitely helps in having a connection in the outside world

So, whatever medium works for you. we have registrations with these platforms to help with the engagement and connection.

After all, a lot of our clients have been with us a number of years, and that's no different from the new clients we talk to today, we hope to still be looking after you 10 or 20 years from now!

Once the current situation is over, there's no reason why we cannot operate with a combination of video and face to face meetings. After all, if we can build that rapport, get things moving for you over video and then meet face to face, then we can still build that relationship which is key to you, and to us!